Janelle Monae Makes Internet Baffled by Dyeing Her Armpit Hair Neon – Watch the Clip

There are some people who blame Summer Walker for this, given that the ‘Girls Need Love’ singer once slammed for proudly showing off her armpit hair on social media.

AceShowbiz -It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have their hair dyed, but in the case of Janelle Monae, she has successfully made a lot of people baffled with her latest makeover. Instead of giving her hair a new color, it was her armpit hair.

On Monday, December 23, Janelle shared on Instagram a video of her showing off her colored armpit hair as she made her followers guess its color. “What color did @nikkinelms dye my pits red , pynk or orange ? The winner gets a treat. Also when you have extra dye left extra parts get dyed and love it,” so she wrote in the caption of the post.

Some people genuinely tried to guess the actual color of her armpit hair, while some others were too baffled to even make a guess. “Save this for the camera roll everything not for social media,” one said, as someone else commented, “That’s so fckin disturbing and we didn’t need to see this!” One other wrote, “Why are people doing this. This ain’t ‘creative’ or ‘artistic’ this is wasteful and dumb asf.” On the other hand, an individual wondered, “Why did the world need to know this.”

There were also people who blamed Summer Walker for this, given that she used to be slammed for showing off her armpit hair and even trying to lick it. “God damn… I blame Summer for this foolishness,” one user said, as another admitted to confusing Janelle for the “Girls Need Love” singer at first, “I lowkey thought this was summer walker for a minute this just somersault she would do.”

Janelle has yet to directly respond to the backlash, though she posted on Twitter, “You can’t just grow armpit hair overnight. It takes time. Be patient.”

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