Jennifer Lopez called for her to be given raunchier scenes in Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez called for raunchier scenes in Hustlers, the singer turned actress has revealed.

J-Lo, who is tipped to win her first acting award for the film at the Golden Globes played Ramona, one of a group of strippers who turn their tables on clients.

She has now told how she fought to include more raunchy scenes in the film  – despite being at first afraid of revealing all for it.

Speaking about her near-nude stripteases, she told The Sun : “Initially my big strip routine was not in the movie, but I thought it was important to show.

“You had to see she was the star of the club. I just had to be a big girl about it. The first time in the full costume — calling it that is a stretch — was very nerve-racking.

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“But I pulled my G-string up and did what I had to do as an actress. This is my job, what I signed up for."

“I felt the empowerment and being in control of the room. There was a before and after that was drastic, from total terror to total happiness. It was hard, scary — but awesome.”

J-Lo said she felt “total terror” and “total happiness” when she got her kit off but was peeved that cinemagoers assumed she used a double for the pole-dancing.

The 50-year-old mum said she told the filmakers to "get her face even if she looked like a bat hanging upside down"  –  because she wanted people to know "there’s no doubles in this movie’.”

The superstar also denied reports she did not get on with Crazy Rich Asians star Constance who she appeared with in raunchy scenes.

“I love her. It was a special movie.  I felt like there was a matchmaker at play. It was a safe place because we kind of let the love happen to us," she said.

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