Jeremy Vuolo Finally Responds to All Those Jinger Duggar Pregnancy Rumors

It’s been several days since any member of the Duggar family has announced she’s expecting a baby.

But might this unusual lull in pregnancy news be coming to an end in the very near future?!?

It’s possible, many users of the World Wide Web believe.

Late last week, Jeremy Vuolo shared the above photo of himself, wife Jinger and 17-month old daughter Felicity sitting in front of a Christmas tree.

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!” he wrote as a caption, focusing on the big December 25 birthday and adding:

“We are praising God for sending His Son into the world to rescue us from our sin. What a wonderful Savior Jesus is!”

It looks like a regular, sweet family photo to us and the caption reads like the typical sort of  thing Jeremy would write — and yet…

… a handful of followers have apparently analyzed the image and arrived at a surprising conclusion:


In the Comments section of his Instagram page, a fan asked about Jeremy’s wife’s status, inquiring simply: “Are you expecting?”

It would be quite exciting if so, of course, and it would also be par for the Duggar course, considering Jeremy and Jinger have a toddler daughter who is almost a year-and-a-half old.

So…  is the speculation accurate?

Will Felicity soon have a little brother or sister?

Jeremy took it upon himself to reply, posting a confused emoji face in response and writing as a joke:

“I’m not, but now I know I need to lay off the Christmas cookies.”

Okay, granted, that is a little funny.

But let’s also take note: It’s sort fo avoiding the question, isn’t it? Jeremy isn’t exactly saying anything about his wife’s womb here, you know?

The couple, who got married in November of 2016 before welcoming Felicity in July of 2018, landed themselves in the center of other pregnancy rumors over Thanksgiving. 

We’re pretty sure folks won’t stop asking this question until Jinger confirmed there’s a child growing inside her belly.

“Please let us know when and if you having another baby but then it is your [preference] and [privacy],” one person wrote last month, trying to be both nosy and respectful at the same time.

Another, meanwhile, simply wrote, “baby bump?”

Neither Jinger nor Jeremy responded back then, and we understand why.

It must be really tiresome and also a bit irritating to constantly be asked about having a baby when you’re simply posing for family photos on a holiday.

Can we all just agree to let these nice folks live their lives and trust that they’ll let us know when another kid is on the way?

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