Jim Carrey on ‘In Living Color’: We were warped out of our minds

Jim Carrey admits that chaos reigned on ’90s Fox hit “In Living Color.”

The comic told the Hollywood Reporter: “We were warped out of our minds. We presented several sketches that didn’t make it on the air . . . We came up with a sketch called ‘Make a Death Wish Foundation’ about a dead kid whose posthumous wish was to go to an amusement park.”

The show was axed in 1994 and its creator Keenen Ivory Wayans said: “My siblings and I talk about the show all the time. Like, all the people we could be making fun of! But we’d be off- the-air in a week. Hollywood is so reactive now.”

Carrie Ann Inaba said of fellow “fly girl” Jennifer Lopez — “We all knew she was destined for greatness.”

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