Joe Swash cuts short Stacey’s Solomon’s birthday trip – ‘Brussells is s***’

Joe Swash looked miserable as he complained that girlfriend Stacey Solomon's birthday celebrations were dragging on for too long.

The couple had been on a city break to Brussells, and Joe began to moan in videos posted to Stacey's Instagram story.

He said the celebrations had been going on for too long as Stacey had been enjoying a week's worth of events for her 30th birthday.

The EastEnders actor then criticised her choice of restaurant because it was empty and felt like "someone's front room", and was annoyed he had to cough up for the meal.

Stacey was showing her fans the restaurant in her story and said: "Joe's got the hump – what's the matter?"

Joe replied: "Well I thought we were going to go for a steak and you have booked a two Michelin Star restaurant knowing that I will pay for it."

"It's my birthday!" argued Stacey.

"Yeah, and it ain't f***ing stopped", snapped Joe.

"It's gone on for a week, you're like the queen."

Apologising to her followers for Joe's language, Stacey tried to make light of the situation, quipping that she was the queen of his heart.

But Joe folded his arms and looked away moodily.

Soon after, the couple were back on the Eurostar travelling back home.

Stacey filmed a video saying: "Brussels was… Interesting… But we had an emotional morning this morning because both of us just want to go home to our babies.

"We got an earlier train."

She captioned the video: "We love each other very much, but we're realised alone time is nice for a little while then it just hurts the tummy."

Stacey then filmed Joe driving back to their house, and she said: "We are in London and finally almost home, can't bloody come quick enough.

"It was lovely, wasn't it?"

Joe replied: "Yeah… I mean, it was what it was."

Stacey continued: "The company was great, it's just that…"

Joe interrupted: "Brussels is s**t!"

Laughing, diplomatic Stacey said: "No, no… It's not terrible, it's just different and I want my baby."

They share five month old baby Rex together, and Stacey has 11 year old Zachary and seven year old Leighton from a previous relationship, while Joe is father to 12 year old Harry from a previous relationship.

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