John Cena & Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl Commercial Includes a Million Dollar Contest for Counting Bottles (Video)

John Cena and Mountain Dew teamed up to give Super Bowl viewers the chance to win a million dollars!

During the soda brand’s 2021 Super Bowl Commercial, there were tons of bottles of Mountain Dew Major Melon and the first person to correctly tweet the number of bottles will win the money.

“You heard John. You better be counting. Because if you’re the first to count every bottle of MTN DEW MAJOR MELON and Tweet the correct number @MountainDew, you could win $1,000,000. Yes, really,” the brand said in the video’s YouTube description.

This isn’t the only Super Bowl commercial that we saw John in this year. He also appeared in the trailer for the upcoming Fast & Furious sequel F9, which will hit theaters this year.

Check out the Mountain Dew commercial below!

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