JoJo Siwa Over the Moon After Getting Back Together With Kylie Prew

When talking about her rekindled relationship with her girlfriend in a new interview, the former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant admits that she feels lucky and happy to be loved.

AceShowbizJoJo Siwa is very much in love. After reconciling with Kylie Prew, the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant admitted in a new interview that she was over the moon to be back together with her girlfriend.

In the interview, the YouTube star spilled on her feelings about the rekindled romance. “I am in a relationship and I’m very happy and very lucky to be loved. It’s been very nice,” she gushed to Entertainment Tonight.

“I think something that’s been great, is it’s been so honest, and I think that’s a mistake that I’ve made in the past, is maybe trying to be something that I maybe wasn’t,” JoJo went on adding. “But this is just so pure and so honest, and it’s so real and it just feels like I/we got it right.”

JoJo broke up with Kylie back in October 2021, after dating for less than a year. However, the two sparked dating rumor yet again when the “Dance Moms” alum announced in an April interview that she was in love. Her declaration prompted fans to think that the couple was back together again.

“I’m very happy. I’m very much in love. I… am really lucky that I’m loved unconditionally, too, by this human, and she is awesome,” JoJo boasted to Extra at that time. “It would be really nice if she was at my home. We’re long-distance, which is always hard. She is the best, and FaceTimes and when we do actually get to see each other, my heart is just like…”

However, when being asked whether JoJo was officially dating Kylie again, the Nickelodeon star played coy. She said, “I mean, listen, I will [answer this] one day. I’m not saying yes or no… I should have told her I was doing press today and asked her what she wanted me to say.”

Finally, on May 5, JoJo publicly confirmed the reconciliation with Kylie by posting Instagram pictures of the twosome on a Disney World date in Orlando, Florida. The first picture saw the 18-year-old dancer kissing her girlfriend on the cheek. Accompanying the photos was a caption that read, “If you love something let it go, if it comes back…”

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