Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth: Could It Actually Be Over?

Life moves pretty fast on the Internet.

Earlier this week, social media was abuzz that Joy-Anna Duggar was pregnant for the third time… just a couple months after welcoming her second child.

SPOILER ALERT, though: She is not.

Now, however, comes a brand new rumor about this member of the Duggar family — and it’s diametrically opposed to the above speculation about Joy-Anna’s womb.

Might she and Austin Forsyth be headed for a divorce?

Amid chatter of this nature that has sprung up online, the mother of two took the unusual step of responding on Instagram to the possibiltiy.

“If you follow our personal Instagram pages, you’ll know these rumors are FAR from true,” the 22-year-old wrote via her Instagram Story on Tuesday, October 27. 

To make things extra clear, Duggar added of her husband:

“I love you so much.”

Joy-Anna rocked a pair of pants last week, prompting many to assume she’s rebelling against her parents and may be ready to break free from their control.

But from Austin? The relationship appears to be stronger than ever.

Four days ago, for example, Joy-Anna posted new pictures of her and Austin actinf very much in love, penning as a caption to the snapshots:

“He just needs a companion.”


What did Duggar mean by this opening? She went on to explain…

Wrote Joy-Anna:

Austin’s mom told this to me when we were dating; It’s so true. He just wants to have somebody with him and I love this about him! I’ll be your companion any day, baby.

Seems a little bit condescending, doesn’t it?

But we’re sure Joy-Anna only wrote those words and emphasized the sentiment behind them out of love and respect for her man.

In response, however, one person commented, “So, do you just get an engagement ring in this belief? I didn’t see a band with her ring.”

Indeed, for whatever reason, trolls on the Internet keep trying to stir the romantic pot when it comes to Joy-Anna; they keep trying to push talk that her marriage is in shambles.

Jim Bob and Michelle‘s daughter then shot back at this remark, though.

“[Eye roll] no,” she wrote. “My fingers were swollen during pregnancy, and I haven’t put my wedding band back on.”

Makes sense to us.

Perhaps we can just leave these two alone for a bit and we can let them be happy and healthy and content as joyous parents on theiir own for awhile?

Okay, folks?

Let’s give it a shot.

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