K. Michelle’s Stylist Claims She’s Abusing Him, Making Homophobic Comments

In addition to that, Hollywood Larry says on his Twitter account that the singer and reality TV star publicly humiliated him on a music video set and didn’t pay his invoice.

AceShowbizK. Michelle apparently doesn’t treat her employees well. Hollywood Larry, who claims to have been working as her stylist for a music video, is now accusing the singer of abusing him and not paying him while working together.

It all started after someone commented K. Michelle’s music video with City Girls and Kash Doll, “Supahood”, on Twitter. Reading the post, Larry apparently couldn’t help but feel the need to speak up as he retweeted the post and added, “I styled Kimberly for this video. She publicly humiliated me, threw a flower vase at me and still has unpaid invoices…”

His post soon gained traction with a lot of people saying how sorry they were to Larry. In response to one of them, the stylist said, “Mind you I’d barely recovered from a near death car accident. Literally no teeth, forced to wear a mask (pre-Covid) and on a cane with a limp. She dgaf. Babygirl hail married that mf, unbothered!”

Not stopping there, Larry also said that Michelle made some homophobic comments while working with him, though he never gave further detail about what kind of comments that Michelle made. However, in another post, he said, “Bottomline… She wanted me to build her a silicone/gel butt and hips. That is not a service I provide being a WARDROBE STYLIST!”

Someone who claimed to be working on the music video later came out to attest to Larry’s statement. The user said, “I produced this video and I can attest to a lot of drama. k michelle cussed out, threatened, + attempted to attack the director because she didn’t like how she looked and there was over 7k in overages and damages to the location ..”

Michelle has yet to publicly respond to the accusation.

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