Kailyn Lowry Shares Strange Photo, Prompts Speculation: Is She MARRIED?!?

When it comes to Kailyn Lowry, fans are jumping from one shocking romantic rumor to another.

Just a few days ago, fans started to wonder whether or not the mother of four was dating Devoin Austin…. after photos of her and Austin backstage at the Teen Mom 2 reunion emerged online.

Now, though?

Lowry has taken the speculation about her private life one gigantic step further.

Could the reality star possibly be married?!?

On TikTok this week, Lowry uploaded a video of herself and her podcast co-host, Vee Rivera, who also happens to be married to Kailyn’s first baby daddy.

The footage features participants answering certain questions in a unique way — by running in the direction of whichever category best applies to their lifestyle, status, whatever.

At one point, as you can see in the scene shot below, Kailyn tries to head toward the heading of SINGLE, only for Rivera to pull her back to the MARRIED side.

That’s all the information we have to go on, but this is the Internet, you know?

It doesn’t take very much to get folks talkiing, buzzing and asking one very pertinent question.

“Wait Kail’s married?” asked one user in response to this image, while another echoed the inquiry.

Ummmmm what did I miss Kails married?

Our very strong guess is that the answer to this question is no.

Odds are that Kailyn and Vee were just having some fun on TikTok.

But you never truly can say for certain.

Lowry has made it pretty clear that she wants a fifth child, and also that she’s fine conceiving via IVF; but perhaps she’d prefer to do so with a husband on whom she can rely.

The veteran MTV personality was married to Javi Marroquin for five years, splitting from the father of her second son in 2017.

Following a previous dalliance or two, post-divorce, Kailyn claimed last year that Marroquin “tried to f**k” her “in the Wawa parking lot” while his now-ex Lauren Comeau was at home with their son, Eli.

Comeau subsequently ended her relationship with Javi and moved out of their home.

Over this past weekend, Marroquin expressed regret over his rampant cheating.

“I had everything I wanted,” he said.

“Everything I dreamed of and I messed it up.

“The greatest person in my life I hurt..not sure if it’ll ever be repairable but I pray it is and one day it’ll go back to how it should’ve always been.”

Based on Javi’s recent break-up and Kailyn’s hinting here about getting married, is it possible the exes just decided to reunite and went off and eloped?

If not for true love, then at least for amazing storyline fodder next season?

We doubt it.

We’d be gobsmacked if this really happened.

But Kailyn does have has four sons — Isaac, 12, Lincoln, seven, Lux, three, and Creed, nine months — and she may be looking to settle down some day soon.

Consider yourselves warned, fellas.

Swipe right with caution out there, okay?

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