Kailyn Lowry: Taking DNA Test to Prove Creed is Chris Lopez’s Baby?

We probably don’t need to tell you that people on social media tend to fixate on certain theories and ideas long after it’s been established that they have no basis in reality.

It’s a sad fact of online life that Kailyn Lowry is very well acquainted with.

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Kail has been at the center of countless unfounded rumors, but it seems few have gotten under her skin quite like the claim that Chris Lopez is not the father of her fourth child, Creed.

We’re not sure how this theory came to be so popular among Teen Mom 2 fans, but it seems to be rooted in nothing more than the racist belief that the baby is too “light-skinned” to be Chris’ child.

Kail has clapped back at claims that Chris isn’t the father, but for some reason, Instagram commenters are unwilling to let this one go.

It’s probably the last thing that Kail feels like dealing with in the weeks since she welcomed her fourth child, but in this case, the haters are relentless.

Fortunately, Kail also has quite a few supporters.

“Anyone sent money for that DNA test since they sure that ain’t Chris’ baby?” one fan recently asked.

“LMAO, nope. But we are ready when they are,” Kail was quick to reply.

The same day, she calmly answered a question about the color of Creed’s eyes from a different fan who seemed overly interested in the infant’s race.

“They were/are blue now but such a dark blue that I’m sure they’ll be brown soon,” Lowry replied.

“Why does the baby look like Isaac rather than his real brother. LOL am I missing something?” another, much ruder fan recently asked.

“I mean Creed looks nothing like your last kid and don’t they have the same dad. I’m confused.”

“It’s 2020 & we are still confused about how genetics work?!? IIIIMMMMM confused,” Lowry answered.

“Please stop messaging and commenting about my sons’ color,” she continued, clearly fed up with this line of questioning.

“Yes. Chris is his dad. But I’m white so there was a possibility that our child could be white. Imagine that.”

While Lopez hasn’t always been very involved in his kids’ lives, he has been involved in the effort to quash this ridiculous rumor.

“Dude, that your baby is white. It isn’t yours,” one Instagram user commented on Chris’ page this week.

“Ummm at one point Lux looked white,” Lopez fired back.

“Y’all do know his mother is a white woman right? Is it abnormal for a white woman to birth a white-skinned baby?”

Of course, the criticism doesn’t end with claims that Kail is lying about her child’s paternity.

One fan shockingly claimed this week that Lowry continues to have children because MTV pays her to do so.

“So here’s the thing about me… I will do whatever it takes to provide for my kids,” Lowry replied.

“Yes, MTV pays for TM2. But MTV did not get my bachelor’s degree for me, write four books for me, start @potheadhaircare for me,” she continued.

“MTV does not record @coffeeconvospodcast for me every week,” Kail went on.

“I took an opportunity presented to me and I launched my self in several different directions. And when the show ends I WILL STILL be able to provide.”

We’re sure the six-figure salary is nice, but with all the hate she’s been getting from viewers lately, Kail might be secretly happy when the show ends.

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