Kate Garraway’s heartbreak as she talks ‘loneliness’ amid husband Derek’s health woes

Kate Garraway Caring For Derek: First look trailer from ITV

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Kate Garraway, 54, has previously given an in-depth insight into the hardships of her husband Derek Draper’s battle with coronavirus. She showed her partner’s ordeal during the coronavirus pandemic in the award-winning documentary Finding Derek.

The Good Morning Britain star has also addressed his long recovery process.

Speaking about the adversities she and her family still face while Derek recuperates at home, Kate reflected on feeling “lonely” as she explored the future.

She told You magazine: “It’s very lonely. It’s very lonely in a very crowded space.

“It’s hard to admit that but it’s true.”

The TV star continued: “Actually, loneliness isn’t the right word.

“There’s a missing of somebody at the same time as being very present with them, like you’re missing the person who is there.

“But having said that, I’m very lucky that Derek is home, it makes [us] complete.

“I get to see Darcey and Billy’s reaction to him and his reaction to them.”

“Those are powerful, wonderful things,” Kate concluded.

Derek was hospitalised with Covid-19 back in March 2020, where he stayed for 13 months.

His diagnosis had caused him to suffer from a rare brain inflammation, which attacked his kidneys, lungs and liver.

After being discharged from the hospital Derek returned to the family home in North London.

However, he is still fighting the long-term effects of Covid-19 at present.

In images from Kate’s documentary Caring For Derek, the former political lobbyist could be seen laid out on a hospital bed and struggling to get up.

Kate said: “He’s home, he’s aware of where he is and that’s amazing.

“But it’s a long way from where we would like to be.”

She also explained that he is finding a “new way” to love her husband.

The broadcaster admitted she was not fully aware of what being a carer would entail for her.

Kate told the crew: “We have to make this real, as this is the reality of life for people who are caring, and it’s not pretty.”

Derek’s sister, Di, is also seen helping Kate with some of the day-to-day duties, as she said “you’ve just got to celebrate the good days”.

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