Kathy Griffin blames 'SNL' creator Lorne Michaels for not helping her after Trump photo controversy

Comedian Kathy Griffin Claims She is on a ‘kill List’

Kathy Griffin took a shot at “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels for not supporting her during her 2017 controversy and subsequent blacklisting after she posed with a fake severed head of Donald Trump.

The comedian got herself in hot water in May 2017 when she posed for the gory photo. Although she apologized, she later rescinded that apology after the treatment she says she received from right-wing pundits.

Speaking on The Daily Beast’s “The Last Laugh” podcast, the star opened up about the time she almost got to poke fun at the controversy on “SNL,” but was ultimately given the brush off by Michaels.

A few months after the photo was released, Griffin claims she got a call from Alec Baldwin, who has been the sketch show’s resident Donald Trump impersonator, asking her to appear in the show’s Season 43 premiere.

“When he said Lorne and I would like you to do the premiere of ‘SNL,’ I was like, ‘No way.' And I even said, ‘I don’t think Lorne’s a fan,” she explained. “So, is this like your idea?’ And then the next day he goes, ‘No, I talked to Lorne, he’s a fan.'”

Griffin was excited by the idea of getting back to work and poking fun at her own controversy. She even claims she offered to come out on stage “holding the head on a stick,” as long as the writers were able to make it funny.

Kathy Griffin during a news conference on June 2, 2017, in Los Angeles. 
(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

“I’ll throw myself under the bus,” she said.

However, things never crystallized into an appearance.

“Now it’s getting to the point where I need somebody to officially step in,” she said. Is this Alex just trying to be a good pal and say, don’t worry, you’re going to get work again? Or are they really thinking about a sketch with me in it?”

Her agents, who also represented Baldwin at the time, informed her that they didn’t want to bother Michaels with such questions. She says that the idea of a sketch “fizzled out.”

“I’m not blaming Alec, because I really do think he had good intentions. I do blame Lorne,” she said.

“I guess I’m just disappointed that to this day, all the powerful people that could have just stepped up and done anything. If I had done even just a funny internet video with someone that could have given me some sort of stamp of like, she’s OK. She’s still the Kathy from ‘Suddenly Susan,’ all the specials, ‘My Life on the D List,’” she concluded. ”She’s still the same girl. And to this day, nobody has done it.”

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