Katie Stevens Shares Emotional Posts Ahead of ‘The Bold Type’ Series Finale

Katie Stevens is already getting the sappy posts going before the series finale of The Bold Type.

The 28-year-old, who has starred as Jane Sloan on the series, took to Instagram to let out some emotions on Wednesday (June 30), hours before the final episode airs.

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“Well, I woke up with MANY emotions this morning, so this is going to be the first sappy post of many,” she started her first post. “I can’t believe tonight our very last episode airs. The first slide is from when @theboldtypetv journey began. We were so excited, hopeful, and equally unsure of where this journey would take us. And now here we are, 5 years later, closing this beautiful chapter.”

“To the people who were instrumental in making this show: Everyone at @freeform, @nbcuniversal, thank you for believing in this show, giving it a chance, and continuing to support us for these last 5 years. @joannacoles thank you for inviting us into your beautiful world! And @davidbernad for being our champion, fighting for us at every turn, and being our friend.”

“To our writers, everyone who has joined us in the last 5 seasons, @sarahwatson42 who created this beautiful show: Thank you for writing stories that make people feel seen, heard, loved, and comforted. It was a privilege to perform your work! And @wstrakerhauser who has been our constant since the beginning, thank you for championing us, listening to us, and helping us find our voice!”

“To our Montreal family and crew: You are the hardest working crew, and truly the heartbeat of this show. Thank you for the hours you spent working with us, challenging us, inspiring us, laughing with us, and loving us. You are our family away from home, and I feel so blessed and thankful. I can’t wait until we all work together again! i love you!”

“To my cast, @meloradhardin @stephenconradmoore @sampage @boosheri @iammattward @adamcapriolo @littlespoonman, Stephanie Costa, and every other beautiful actor who helped shape this show into what it became. Thank you. You’ve all made me a better person, challenged me to be a better actor, and I am endlessly grateful to have you in my life. I love you all so much!”

“@aishtray @meghannfahy it’s too long to write here soooo another sappy post will have to be written,” she added before concluding. “And to all the fans. You are the reason this show exists. Thank you for supporting us, welcoming us, loving us, enlightening us, and encouraging us every step of the way. We love you. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later! -your Tiny Jane forever 💖”

In her other post, for Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy, Katie shared with followers what she texted her besties.

“My sisters. My girls. My bbs. @aishtray @meghannfahy. I’m just gonna post what I texted you this morning cause otherwise, i’ll never stop crying: Well, I’m a mess. Of course I’m already crying. Do you even have to ask?” she wrote.

“It’s hard for me to think that the next time I step on a set, it won’t be ours. I have to pinch myself, because these last 5 years with you were truly a dream. You’ve changed my life. I don’t know how I got so lucky. You’ve loved me with unwavering force, through my best and most certainly my worst. You’ve taught me that friendship can endure anything as long as there’s love, effort, communication, understanding, and safety to be your authentic self.”

“People ask us in interviews if there’s anything special that we’ve taken from set. My answer is: you. You two are undoubtedly the most special gift that I am taking with me,” Katie said. “This is just the beginning for us. I love you so much. 💖”

The Bold Type wraps up with the season five/series finale TONIGHT (June 30) at 10pm ET/PT on Freeform. Be sure to have tissues handy!

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