Kerry Katona reveals shock after son Max spends £550 on her credit card by accident

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Kerry Katona has revealed that her 12-year old son Max managed to wrack up an eye-watering amount on her credit card recently.

Opening up in her column with new magazine, Kerry said: "I could’ve killed my Max last week – the little terror managed to wrack up charges of £550 on his Xbox!

"God knows how, I think he was buying extras and my bank card was linked to the account, but it’s a real lesson for me and Ryan – keep an eye on it!"

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Keen to teach her son a valuable lesson about money, the mum-of-five added: "As a result I’ve had Max clean up all the dog poo in the garden, he’s grounded for the rest of his life and he’s not going on holiday with his friend next year.

"He took it all on the chin to be fair to him, but still, he can’t be doing that again. I’m not made of money!"

It come after Kerry was recently left 'shaking with sadness' after receiving negative comments following her appearance on the show Tipping Point: Lucky Stars.

Reflecting on Caroline Flack's shock death in February, Kerry said: "Wow absolutely shocking!!! Can’t believe I’m trending on twitter for being slagged off and hated on!!! I raised money for charity and now I’m being hated on!

"Good job I’m strong enough not to give a f*** but my god have you people learnt nothing from Caroline Flacks death! #bekind."

The former Atomic Kitten star was shocked to see her name trending on Twitter and took to her Instagram to blast trolls for their nasty comments after she starred on the show in a bid to win money for charity.

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She continued: "I’m proud of who I am.. and your horrible s***** vile words won’t change me for no one!! Take a long hard look in the mirror!

"Honestly I feel sick that this is the kind of world we’re living in! You should all feel absolutely ashamed and embarrassed of yourselves!

"I just don’t know what it is that I’ve done so wrong to receive so much hate! I’m literally shaking with sadness… no one knows what one goes through in their own minds and lives!

"Words hurt! This has really made me feel sad! Real sad."

Rushing to her defence, fans flooded the posts with messages of support. One wrote: "The amount of negative and nasty tweets about Kerry Katona shows people have learned nothing since Caroline Flack’s tragic death. When will people learn? Words have consequences."

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