Kim Kardashian: Did She Secretly Vote for Donald Trump?

As America and the rest of the world patiently await the results of this pivotal election, we all exist in a state of excruciating limbo.

But given more time to dwell on politics, fans have noticed that Kim Kardashian dropped a major hint. Did she … vote for Trump?

On Election Day evening, Kim Kardashian shared a tweet holding up a grayscale election sticker.

“I VOTED!!!! Did you?!?!” she announced and asked.

“If you are in line when the hours of operation close at the polls,” Kim reminded her followers, “they are required to stay open and allow you to vote, so do not get out of line.”

They grayscale editing of her photo really allows the voting sticker to stand out in full color.

However, that is apparently not the original version of the tweet.

Whether it was for artistic reasons or about the message that she was sending, Kim’s grayscale post was a repost.

The original photo shows that Kim, looking beautiful as always, was wearing a burgundy top.

Folks, burgundy is one of the more attractive reds (I mean, it’s no alizarin crimson, but it’s still good).

And what political faction in American politics is embodied by the color red? The Republicans. Right now, that means Trump.

Kim has worked with Donald Trump, using her celebrity and beauty to convince the capricious tyrant into, as if by accident, using his power for good.

As we all know, Kim is dedicated to positive social causes like criminal justice reform.

She even went as far as to have a photo op with one of modern history’s most destructive men in order to help a few people see justice.

Kanye also had his photo op with Donald Trump.

But Kanye has more recently broken with Trump, announcing his own ridiculous candidacy.

He even formed his own political party. We wish that we were joking when we said that Ye’s party is the “Birthday Party.” He is unwell.

So was Kim’s dress not a nod to Trump but some sort of deeply misguided support for Kanye?

Honestly, we don’t know the Birthday Party’s colors.

We’re picturing birthday cake sprinkles, but given Kanye’s Yeezy fashion line, we’re guessing a bunch of tans. (Sorry but his clothes are hideous)

Kim’s tragic flaw has always been her unwavering support for her family members, even when they’re wrong.

She is not alone — her whole family does it. To be fair, it is also a major asset for them and helped to give them their current success.

But it looks like, in 2020, Kim made an exception, and it wasn’t to support Trump.

Kim Kardashian alleged Twitter "liked" screenshot show support for Biden

A screenshot that appears to show Kim Kardashian’s most recent Twitter likes paints a very different story.

She is seen appearing to “like” a number of pro-Biden tweets.

That’s no real shocker. Kim has interracial and doesn’t want the world to collapse in fire and pain, so of course she didn’t vote for Trump.

In fact, Kim pushing people to vote at all means that she was hoping Biden to win.

The more people who vote, the better things go for Democrats, because it means that people have overcome obstruction and voter suppression to make their voices heard.

After all, there’s only one Presidential candidate whining about how all over the votes are being counted this week, and that’s Donald Trump.

Finally, we should remind everyone that while many of us make conscious choices about our Election Day colors, they’re not absolute.

Many people don’t own multiple jackets and may just wear what they have, whether it’s blue or red.

Kim has enough clothing to cover a small country, but she likely just wore what looked good. And folks, she looked really, really good.

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