Kirstie Allsopp branded “out of touch diva” by ex-colleague on Location Location Location

Location, Location, Location: Phil mocks Kirstie's outfit

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Kirstie Allsopp has been labelled a “diva” by a former researcher on Channel 4 show Location Location Location, which the 50-year-old presents alongside Phil Spencer. The source said contributors to the show were left disappointed that the two hosts don’t do most of the house-hunting.

The source told The Mirror that Kirstie, who is the daughter of a Baron, was “out of touch”. 

They claimed Kirstie and Phil do not scope out potential properties for the people who appear on the show, despite shots of them peering into the windows of estate agents.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 confirmed Kirstie and Phil do not do most of the house-hunting but they do have the final say.

“I was given strict orders Kirstie must have specific snacks – Green & Black’s chocolate, San Pellegrino water, nuts and fruit. And lunch had to be up to standard,” said the source. 


“I felt guilty seeing the contributors’ faces all lit up. They are waiting, excited to meet Kirstie.

“Even at this stage Kirstie and Phil have no idea what they are looking for or what we found them.”

A representative for Channel 4 told it’s no secret there is a team that supports Kirstie and Phil. 

“Each search is supported by a team, all of whom are named in the programme credits. They, and Kirstie & Phil find suitable properties. Ultimately Kirstie and Phil have the final say on the properties featured,” they said. 

“The team search for properties up until the eleventh hour as the job of the show is to find the freshest properties for our house hunters.

“Ultimately Kirstie and Phil have the final say on the properties featured in the show and if they don’t feel it matches the search criteria, will not put it forward.”

With regards to Kirstie’s dietary demands, they added: Whilst filming throughout two pregnancies in 2006 and 2008 and suffering from severe morning sickness, it is accurate to say Kirstie requested Green & Black’s chocolate, satsumas and dried cranberries.

“She has gone right off Green & Black’s chocolate since having her children.”

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The Express contacted a representative for Kirstie for comment. 

Kirstie took to Twitter yesterday to urge caution after the Queen was diagnosed with Covid. 

She urged her 426,000 followers: “I really hope the news that HM The Queen has Covid does not worry everyone too much, and I suspect she’d feel the same.  

“Her Majesty is so beloved, but the vaccines work to prevent death and serious illness, and now there are brilliant treatmnts too. Get Well Soon ER II️.”

Dozens of users took to the comments to share their thoughts and wish Her Majesty well.

Neil said: “The Queen is made of strong stuff. She would survive a nuclear blast. 

“There is no way she will let Covid get the better of her!”

Anthony penned: “I hope you are right. HM has been looking quite frail recently so hoping she will have the strength to fight it off.”

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