Kobe Bryant Rare, Signed PMG Card Hits Auction, Could Sell For Over $1 Million

One of the rarest and most coveted Kobe Bryant cards in existence — the 1997 Skybox Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems #81 — just hit the auction block … and could sell for over a million bucks!!

The Bryant card is numbered 60 out of 100 … making it incredibly rare.

But, what makes this card so special is the fact it’s signed by the Black Mamba himself — likely making it a 1-of-1 — as no other autographed version has hit the market, as far as we can tell.

Pretty cool to think Kobe held this card and signed it.

The signature was authenticated and graded a Mint 9 by PSA — one of the premiere graders and authenticators — before SCP Auctions put it on the block.

The auction believes the card could sell for over $1 million!

It’s actually difficult to find PMG cards — which featured 123 players (all with 100 cards) — in tip-top shape (let alone ones signed by KB) because of the way they were made. The cards were manufactured using a colored foil that makes them difficult to keep pristine … as the foil would chip.

The PMGs are incredibly significant among collectors, and look flat-out awesome. And, there are two versions of each card. The first 10 numbered cards are green (Emerald), meanwhile, 11 through 100 are red.

A green Kobe PMG — not signed — brought in around $2 million at auction a few months ago, FYI.

The signed card has already been bid on 10 times … with a high bid of $130K.

Bidding on the card runs through June 4 … good luck!!

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