Kris Jenner Supports Ellen DeGeneres After Her Summer of Controversy

Kris Jenner had some really nice things to say to Ellen DeGeneres during her show’s premiere week, where she was a guest.

“You have been so supportive, we saw each other this summer and hung out and…you’re a good person to be around when things are going a little tough because you have been through it,” Ellen said to Kris about her summer. If you don’t know, Ellen and her show faced a ton of controversy for rumors of toxicity.

We have seen a storm or two in our day. We definitely have been through a lot of crazy stuff. What I have learned is, though, that the storm does pass. And as hard as it is along the way, you do hopefully come away with a lesson and learn something and be able to take it on with you in your life to another situation,” Kris responded.

“I just love you so much and you’re such a dear, wonderful friend… I’m so crazy about you and [wife] Portia. And I’m so proud of you, just everything you do, including things…you do things and give things to people that nobody ever even hears about. I look at you with great admiration,” Kris added.

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