Kylie Jenner Under Fire for ‘Tone Deaf’ Tweet on Election Night

The reality TV star is called out after sharing a birthday message to her sister Kendall Jenner that also serves as a promotional message for her cosmetics line.

AceShowbiz – While everyone was paying close attention to updates from U.S. election, Kylie Jenner updated her Twitter and Instagram page with a different kind of message. On Tuesday night, November 3, around the time Joe Biden’s supporters were dreading the results due to the so-called “red mirage,” the cosmetics mogul tried to distract the attention of her followers with a birthday message to sister Kendall Jenner that also served as a promotional message for her cosmetics line.

“happy birthday sister,” she posted along with photos of her and her sister, who turned 25 on Tuesday. Making use of the opportunity to promote a set of collection from her Kylie Cosmetics, she added in the caption, “the Kendall Collection restocks tomorrow at 9am pst for the LAST TIME including signed PR kits! only on”

Needless to say, the youngest of the Jenner siblings received a storm of criticism for her post, with many calling her out for self-promoting on an important night. “Girl this ain’t the time to be promoting your brand,” one user remarked.

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“We’ve got bigger things to think about rn sweaty,” another reminded the reality TV star, while another similarly pointed out, “Kylie, there is an election going on. I think this could’ve waited?” A fourth user commented, “There is an election CURRENTLY unfolding and you choose to post a thirst trap for Kendall’s bday. On brand babe.”

Another called Kylie’s tweet “tone deaf,” writing, “this is tone deaf…read the room y’all.” Another slammed her, “GIRL read the goddamn room for once.” An appalled user chimed in, “not her trying to make money while the rest of the country (and quite frankly the world) is in a panic because we’re in the middle of one of the biggest modern day presidential elections.”

While Kylie was criticized for her tweet about her sister’s birthday and her cosmetics line, Kendall herself earned backlash for her star-studded birthday party amid the coronavirus pandemic. Her mother Kris Jenner has come to her defense, telling Andy Cohen on his “Always Unpredictable” show, “At Kendall’s (party) everyone got tested before they walked in the door and they had to wait a half an hour until the results were in.”

“We make sure that everyone in our family and our closest friends are tested religiously so, you know, we do what we can,” the momager continued. “We try to follow the rules and if people are commenting and they’re being critical, I can’t control that. I just can control how we behave and, you know, try to do the best we can.”

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