Kylie Minogue Opens Up About the Future: ‘I Don’t Want to Become a Tribute Act to Myself’

Kylie Minogue is featured on one of British GQ‘s special edition Men of the Year October 2019 covers, out now.

Here’s what the Golden pop icon had to say…

On playing the Legends slot at Glastonbury: “All roads led to Glastonbury…I couldn’t even bring myself to call it ‘Glastonbury’; my team and I named it ‘The Short Show.’ I was so worried about, well, everything. I kept having flashes of Spinal Tap.”

On whether she watched the performance back: “I did. Once that same night. And then once again when I finally had a day off about a week or so later. Just me, my thoughts and…that.”

On why it took so long to get the credit she deserves: “Tall Poppy Syndrome. I have copped that always, forever…I had to learn about that really early on. When I look back on some of those moments some of those interviews I had to do, were honestly hell. I am just really glad that I didn’t give in. And I say give in, as opposed to give up because there’s a big difference. Now I’ve reached a point where, I don’t want to become a tribute act to myself. No way. No thank you. And maybe Glastonbury has allowed me to do what I love, which is wipe the slate clean.”

On the future: “I never really plan, there’s no five-, ten-year master strategy, but I always think, ‘I wonder what’s round the corner?’ Maybe I’ll just take a peek. And to do that, to be in that position, you have to work. It’s physical, it’s emotional. That’s what I would like people to understand. I don’t want to be labelled a fighter. Maybe that’s the wrong word. I’m just…curious.”

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