Lea Michele Surprises Pal Jonathan Groff With THIS Wild Interview Statement!

Lea Michele isn’t kidding about what she’d do for her friends, apparently!

The former Glee star spoke out over the weekend about this year’s Spring Awakening reunion. And she’s got some particularly eye-popping things to say about her beloved co-star and longtime pal Jonathan Groff!

Of course, Lea and Jonathan have been besties forever, since even before the theatrical production moved to Broadway in 2006. The duo has starred in several other film and TV projects together, too, including the world-famous Glee.

So the 35-year-old star spoke to People this weekend as part of a press junket for the Spring Awakening reunion documentary, which will air on HBO on May 3. And in her comments, she laid out exactly how close she is to Groff — shocking even the man himself in the process!

At one point, Groff was asked whether he had baby fever after being around Lea’s 20-month-old son Ever, who she shares with husband Zandy Reich. He demurred, laughing and responding like this:

“Great question!’

But while Groff played coy about the possibility of fatherhood, Lea jumped right in, turning to him and responding directly:

“I’ll carry your baby. I will.”

Surrogacy surprise!

Shocked at her statement, Groff queried his pal right back:

“You will?”

Clearly this was not something they’d discussed in the green room! Ha! Lea replied:

“Hell yeah! I love being pregnant. It’s so much fun.”

Well OK then!

Amused by the revelation, Groff responds in kind:

“Good to know!”


Think he’ll ever take her up on it, tho?!

Like we said, these two have been besties forever (and ever), but surrogacy is another level of closeness and commitment! Then again, Lea does love being a doting momma, and obviously enjoyed pregnancy itself. So who knows?!

We just appreciate this kind of loyalty and love from Lea!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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