LeBron James Goes Off On Reporters Over Jerry Jones Photo, Why No Kyrie-Like Reaction?

LeBron James went after media members following the Lakers’ win on Wednesday night … blasting them for not asking about the racial controversy engulfing Jerry Jones — while wondering why they were so “quick to ask us questions” about the Kyrie Irving drama earlier this year.

The NBA star unleashed the scolding unprompted after reporters had just finished peppering him with questions about L.A.’s 128-109 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

“I got one question for you guys before you guys leave,” the 37-year-old said. “I was thinking when I was on my way over here, I was wondering why I haven’t gotten a question from you guys about the Jerry Jones photo.”

Of course, ‘Bron is referring to the 1957 picture that resurfaced last week … showing the Dallas Cowboys owner as a teenager standing with a group of white classmates who were trying to prevent six Black students from entering an Arkansas school.

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“When the Kyrie [Irving] thing was going on, you guys were quick to ask us questions about that,” James said … before continuing, “When I watch Kyrie talk and he says, ‘I know who I am, but I want to keep the same energy when we’re talking about my people and the things that we’ve been through,’ and that Jerry Jones photo is one of those moments that our people, Black people, have been through in America.”

“And I feel like as a Black man, as a Black athlete, as someone with power and a platform, when we do something wrong, or something that people don’t agree with, it’s on every single tabloid, every single news coverage, it’s on the bottom ticker. It’s asked about every single day.”

LeBron James Says Kyrie Irving Was Wrong, But Punishment's Excessive

LeBron James Says Kyrie Irving Was Wrong, But Punishment's Excessive

As you know, Kyrie came under fire earlier this month after he tweeted out a link to an antisemitic film. He refused to apologize for it for days … and, as a result, the Brooklyn Nets guard was suspended for eight games. Lebron addressed the issue multiple times, saying his former Cavaliers teammate “caused some harm to a lot of people” … but claimed the punishment was excessive.

Jones, meanwhile, has been under siege the last few days … after The Washington Post published the controversial photo of him last week. The 80-year-old, though, has avoided any punishment from the NFL … while denying any participation in barring the black students from the school. He said he was simply a curious observer.

He added during a Monday radio interview, “I think the key thing is, for me, is that it’s a misread if you think that I don’t recognize how monumental those days were.”

James was famously a huge fan of the Cowboys … but said in October he stopped being a fan because of Jones’ stance on kneeling during the national anthem.

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