Lewis Hamilton’s ex Nicole Scherzinger bares all in flaming hot bikini

The US singer has always been open with her fans about her struggle with body image, and her latest Instagram post was no exception. 

Nicole Scherzinger took to her personal account to share a few sizzling bikini pics from her trip to Italy. 

Though the 40-year-old looked incredible in the sun-kissed snaps, she got real about her emotional battle with her weight. 

Hazy with sunshine, the photos showed her meditating on a rock, looking out thoughtfully towards the ocean. 

Her gym-toned abs were on full show in her raspberry pink bikini, and she added a wide-brimmed straw hat to keep sheltered from the Sun’s rays. 

Getting real with her 3.8million followers, she said: “I have struggled with my weight and image my whole life and I still do, but I’m just realising as the moons go by to take it easier on myself. 

“Life is too short. We spend too much time beating ourselves down as opposed to talking ourselves up.”

Nicole added: “I realised I’m too grown up and need to not to be so hard on myself, I have to choose to embrace me and my body through all of its stages and seasons! 

“This season I’m grateful for the body I’ve worked so hard for in the gym.”

The singer, who famously was once in a long-term relationship with Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton, has always been honest about her body-image issues. 

Speaking to Cosmopolitan back in 2017, she said the problem started when she was as young as 14 when she would run in the middle of the night to get “thinner thighs”. 

The problems worsened when she joined the hit girl group The Pussycat Dolls, and she developed an eating disorder to stay slim. 

She explained: “I have a lot of fans and I never wanted to come out about it because I was ashamed. But once I finally did come out about it, I realised how many people it had helped.”

In the years since she has become a proud gym-lover and regularly takes to Instagram to share videos of her intense workouts. 

Thanks to her love of exercise, she has learnt to put her health first when it comes to her body image. 

As she admitted on Monday: “I am rewarding myself by eating my weight in pasta here in one of my favourite places. Italy!”

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