Lil Nas X Shares Look Back At Where He Was A Year Ago

Lil Nas X has shared two Instagram videos, one dating back to a year ago after the release of his “Old Town Road,” and the other posted fresh on Wednesday, thus signifying the success he has had over the one year span.

“These 2 videos are exactly 365 days apart, watch til the end,” he captioned the videos.

In the first video, taken on January 8, 2019, Nas X says, “Alright, um, what day is it? January the eighth, 2019. Gonna eat some f**king pizza. Just put out ‘Old Town Road’ and…it’s doing pretty f**king good. You know, right now? No matter what, three thousand on Instagram, two thousand on YouTube, not even one thousand followers on Spotify yet. But…I’ma hit y’all back a year from now and we’ll see where I’m at. Alright.”

After the resounding success he enjoyed in 2019, which saw “Old Town Road” top the Billboard Hot 100 for a record 19 weeks, and earned him six Grammy nominations, including one in the album of the year category for his EP, 7, and tens of millions of followers, he has shared a fresh video.

It shows him donning a white mink coat and matching sunglasses, and chowing down a slice of pizza. He thanks fans for the support and says he will check in again in 2030.

“Alright, um, what day is it? January eighth, 2020. I’m about to eat some f**king pizza. A year ago, I put out ‘Old Town Road.’ It did pretty f**king good. I’m at five million on Instagram, eight million on YouTube, around 30 million Spotify listeners. It’s been a year, and I just want to give a big thank you to everybody who’s helped me get to where I am. And I’ll be back with you guys…10 years from now! We’ll see where I’m at,” he says in the video.

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