Lilimar Says Having Two Different Colored Eyes Was a ‘Nightmare’ In School

If you look closely, Lilimar has two different colored eyes.

In her feature with In Love magazine in their fall issue, the 19-year-old actress opened up about her unique feature.

“I get asked about this pretty often on social media nowadays, so I wanted to address it, which is regarding my heterochromia. This means I have two different colored eyes,” she shared.

Lilimar added was actually a “nightmare when I was in school because we all know how rude kids can be, but, as I grew up, I grew confident in it, and now I think it’s actually a pretty cool thing about me.”

“My right eye is green, and my left eye is brown. My brown eye actually has some dark spots on the white part of it, mainly under the iris.”

We love this unique feature and there’s another actor who has this too – Dominic Sherwood. Check out his different colored eyes here!

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