Loki<\/em>‘s Alioth Might Be the New Most Powerful Being in the Entire MCU

Spoiler alert for episodes five and six of Loki.

When Jonathan Majors appeared in the season finale of Loki as He Who Remains, the mysterious, all-knowing figure pulling all the strings at the TVA, it set up the long-awaited arrival of one of his “variants,” comic book villain Kang the Conquerer.

But as a new video on the Marvelous Wave channel on YouTube speculates, some fans might be so busy focusing on Kang’s impending debut in the MCU that they have overlooked a powerful entity that has already been introduced which may pose an even bigger threat to the MCU: Alioth, the all-consuming cloud creature from episode five, which devoured variants who ended up in the Void and acted as a guardian of the Citadel.

“Upon delving into Alioth’s powers and feats of strength, we are able to see that in reality he is far more than a simple guard dog, as He Who Remains tells Sylvie and Loki exactly what happened at the twilight of the first multiversal war,” the video’s narrator states. “He talks briefly about how he weaponized Alioth in order to dominate the multiverse and eradicate the various Kangs that threatened the timelines… examining what a feat this is, we are able to see how powerful Alioth truly may be.”

“Alioth was able to decimate all of it,” he continues. “Alioth was able to eradicate the multiverse, annihilating everyone and everything from every known universe in existence. This is the equivalent of destroying the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe an infinite number of times over.”

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