Luisa Zissman reveals she housed a Ukrainian family she met on the border in Moldova

Luisa Zissman has opened up to OK! about her recent trip to Moldova where she spent time with Ukrainian refugees that have fled the ongoing war in their country.

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, with troops ravaging parts of the country ever since.

With this in mind, as of 31 March, over four million Ukrainian citizens have fled to near-by countries, such as Moldova.

Moldova is a place Luisa, 34, has had ties with for almost a decade after working with orphanages in the country.

Back in November 2021,Luisa visited with celebrity pal Sam Faeirs, and managed to raise a staggering £100,000 for an orphanage in 72 hours – more than double their initial target.

In the wake of Russia invading Ukraine, Luisa decided to go to Moldova once again, but this time with her friend and well-known nanny Louenna Hood, who created the LOUENNA APP.

Louenna has beenfundraising for Ukrainian families, and has so far raised almost £166,000.

Explaining her decision to go over to Moldova, Luisa told OK!: “The lady who runs our orphanage has a lot of political ties in the Ukraine, and she’d already asked me if I’d come over and I’d agreed. Because Louenna and I are friends, I asked her if she wanted to come so she could see where to spend the money she’d raised.”

“While we were out there, we met with the Ukrainian ambassador and his wife who spoke to us about what happened and their people,” Luisa went on.

“It’s just so shocking. The emotions in the room were so high and they were telling us that certain towns and cities have been completely flattened.”

As well as chatting to the Ukrainian ambassador, Luisa went to the Ukrainian border to see the ongoing situation for herself.

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“It’s so bad. I’ve never seen– it’s so hard to articulate,” she told us.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. There are rows, and rows, and rows of tents and these make-shift camps where people are met when the cross the border.

“It’s really weird because you’d think that there would be governing bodies, but there’s not. There’s just volunteers.”

Luisa went on to say that it’s hard to tell who’s a volunteer and if they can be trusted.

Discussing the people she housed, she explained: “I was really worried about one family who were crossing the border because these weird men had met there and they were trying to make them go with them. It was all just very strange.

“So we housed them and, I think they were a party of seven. Half of them had gone on to Germany already, and then the others are going to wait in Moldova to see if they can go back home.”

Luisa was away from her own children for Mother’s Day, but she admitted that she was fine with this because she knew she was helping those in need.

“It was just one of those things really and it was just a reminder that I wasn’t fussed that I wasn’t with my kids on Mother’s Day because I was doing something a lot better,” she said. “I try to raise my kids to be good hearted and well-rounded people.”

Luisa added: “It was just awful seeing all these desperate people and these desperate mums.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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