Martin Lewis’ wife shares unexpected memory with Tom Cruise as unearthed pic sparks frenzy

Martin Lewis apologises for his ‘language’ on radio

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Lara Lewington, 42, the Money Saving Expert’s wife, posted the snap on Instagram to her 16,700 followers. The star detailed how she met Tom Cruise while she was a weather lady with Channel 5.

Where it all began… at 23 I was the @channel5_tv weather girl.

Lara Lewington

Lara looked younger and more fresh faced, but still as beautiful as ever. 

The presenter is wearing a pink ruffled top, with matching pink earrings, higgling noughties fashion. 

She captioned the picture: “Where it all began… at 23 I was the @channel5_tv weather girl. 

“For six years I was doing three forecasts a day Monday to Friday, interviewing Hollywood stars in between (plus the odd gadget review as tech was my hobby), what a way to spend your 20s!” 

Whilst she was a weather lady with Channel 5 she was given many opportunities. 

She said: “So many memories… Tom Cruise rubbing my hands to keep them warm whilst I interviewed him on the red carpet. 

“The weather girl off Channel 5 becoming a character on a prime time ITV comedy show (I think I played the part quite well ;)). 

“And surprisingly spotting myself in a Hollywood movie… the list goes on.”

Fans were quick to comment on the star’s continuing beauty. 

Harrieschris said: “You just get hotter as you get older.” 

Trarcturboy added: “I remember it well, I was really gutted when the weather report came on and it wasn’t you! Lol!” 

Moving away from the weather, Lara is now a tech journalist. 

She co-presents The BBC show Click, alongside Spencer Kelly, joining the show in 2011 and co-presenting since 2018. 

Click covers technology news and recent developments in the world of technology and the internet. 

She has also been called upon by Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, BBC Breakfast and Radio 5 Live. 

Lara’s success is mirrored at home, with her husband Martin Lewis. 

Martin, otherwise known as the Money Saving Expert, is an award winning journalist, TV and radio presenter and newspaper columnist to name a few titles. 

The pair married in 2009, and had their first child in November 2012. 

As of 2021, The Sunday Times Rich List estimates his net worth is at £123 million. 

You can watch Click on the BBC News Channel on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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