Michael C. Hall Had To Learn A Philly Accent for ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’!

Michael C. Hall paid a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday evening (September 17) and dished all about the complicated plot behind his upcoming Netflix thriller, In the Shadow of the Moon!

The 48-year-old actor revealed that he had to learn how to do a Philly accent for his role as a Philadelphia police officer who works to track down the killer who resurfaces every nine years.

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Jim Mickle, the director, is from that part of the world and it was important to him that the movie be set there,” Michael explained. “It was important to him that I do a Philadelphia accent because so many movies that are set in Philadelphia, people sound like they’re from New York.”

“I spent some time watching YouTube videos of real people talking,” he added. “I’m prepared to disappoint people.”

Michael C. Hall also talked about his cameo as the world’s best bowler in Documentary Now! and vividly describes his first NYC apartment.

In the Shadow of the Moon debuts on September 27th – Watch the trailer here!

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