Mick Jagger Exposed as Alleged Bisexual in New Book

In a new book titled ‘The Stone Age’, author Lesley-Ann Jones revisits allegations that the rocker had affairs with The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards as well as its former guitarist Mick Taylor.

AceShowbiz -Sir Mick Jagger has been branded bisexual in a new book that alleges he had flings with two members of The Rolling Stones. Writer Lesley-Ann Jones says in her new book “The Stone Age” he had affairs with Keith Richards in the early days of the band, as well as its former guitarist Mick Taylor.

The Daily Mail reported the book’s claims on Thursday night, October 6, and said it calls for Sir Mick, 79, to be reassessed as a “bisexual icon.” Keith, 78, and Mick, 73, who was a guitarist with the Stones from 1969 to 1974, are reportedly both listed in a long appendix to the book that details lovers taken by the Stones over the years.

The long-running allegation Mick had a tryst with David Bowie is said to be mentioned, along with the frontman’s alleged affair with Austrian actor Helmut Berger, who introduced Mick to his first wife Bianca. The Mail says Lesley-Ann quotes Keith’s ex Anita Pallenberg and Mick’s former lover Marianne Faithfull saying they were apparently attracted to each other.

Anita, who died in 2017 aged 75, is quoted as saying, “From when I first met them, I saw Mick was in love with Keith.” Marianne says in the book about the rockers, “I had an inkling that there was a sexual undercurrent between them. I knew in some part of my head that Mick was bisexual.”

She has previously said, “Of all Mick’s relationships, the only one that really means anything to him is with Keith.” Paul Levett, who is said to have sat beside Mick’s ex-wife Rose at a party is said to be quoted in the book saying, “She told me that she found her husband in bed with Mick Jagger. Why would she say such a thing to me, if she had not seen it with her own eyes?”

Stories of Mick and Keith’s alleged romance have been around for years, and are also mentioned in the 2012 book by Christopher Andersen, who said members of the band caught the pair “dozing in bed together.”

Keith is said to have caused a rift with Mick by saying in 2010 Mick had a “tiny todger.” But he said about them being firm friends, “Mick and I live off the fire between us. We were made for each other. It’s like putting on an old glove, man, you know.” The Mail said spokespeople for Mick, Keith and Mick did not respond to requests for comment.

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