Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva Accused of FAKING Birthday Dinner Fight!

Last week, Natalie Mordovtseva accidentally confirmed what fans had long known.

Her marriage to Mike Youngquist was over, and had been for months.

On Sunday’s Happily Ever After?, Mike left Natalie at his own birthday dinner.

Some fans think that the whole scene was fake. So what is the truth?

Mike and Natalie had one of the most jaw-dropping, uncomfortable scenes this week.

It started pleasantly, at their hotel in Seattle.

Natalie called Mike downstairs for a birthday dinner.

She got him his favorite — sushi.

(One of three different storylines involving sushi … all part of a conspiracy to make me order takeout)

She also offered champagne, despite having in the past scolded and shamed him for drinking.

They spoke about their plans for Thanksgiving, only weeks away at the time.

Natalie had never celebrated Thanksgiving before, given that she is not American.

This ould be an exciting first for her.

Mike noted that they could have Thanksgiving with his mother.

Natalie was quick to praise his mom.

But there were things left unspoken.

To the camera, Natalie confessed that it was hard to think about his mom.

She was, Natalie shared, the one who convinced him to back out of marrying her.

When a guy calls off the wedding two hours before it’s set to begin, you don’t forget it.

Natalie also brought up the idea of visiting Mike’s friends in Reno.

There would be multiple fun activities for them to do, even during a pandemic.

And she had an ulterior motive.

Natalie had not really met any of Mike’s friends.

She’d spoken (with great hostility) to Mike’s friend Sarah, and met his neighbor Tamara.

But his buddies? No contact with them whatsoever. She wanted that to change.

Natalie then asked Mike if she will get along with his friends.

Clearly, she was poking for information on why he hadn’t made introductions.

(Aside from a busy work schedule and it being a whole pandemic)

Mike’s answer was not especially encouraging.

He acknowledged that Natalie can come across as a little “harsh” at times.

That was an understatement.

Natalie clearly resented Mike’s very honest answer.

She said that she should be cut some slack, as she’s not American.

It’s true that people from other cultures can sometimes appear rude when they do not mean to.

Mike acknowledged that, but emphasized that it’s important to be polite nonetheless.

Instead of accepting that she has been rude and hostile, including to one of Mike’s friends, in the past …

… Natalie opted for some massive retaliation, aimed at an unnamed friend of Mike’s in Nevada.

“Maybe they don’t send naked pictures to you,” Natalie suggested.

“Then I will be polite,” she continued.

This was a huge escalation to their conversation … and Mike was furious.

Mike was officially done, and got up from the table to leave.

It is often wise to remove yourself from a conversation when no good could conceivably come of it.

Unfortunately, this also meant that we got very little detail about Natalie’s accusation.

Natalie explained to the cameras that a “girl from Nevada” was to blame.

“She kept sending him her boobs,” she claimed.

We have no idea who this woman is, when she allegedly sent this.

And, given Natalie’s history of making accusations, we don’t know if this woman was actually sending nudes.

Did she send Mike her tiddies in all of their glory … or just some group selfies where she has a low neckline?

Either way, Natalie had spoiled what was supposed to be a birthday dinner for Mike.

Mike didn’t just leave dinner. He left. He went home without Natalie.

He handed her his card and told her to have a great night.

Mike decided to go home and do some shots and make the best of a ruined evening.

Months ago, Mike’s uncle, Beau, shared that the two were separated.

The marriage was over, he said, and Natalie hadn’t been home in a couple of months.

Then, last week, Natalie accidentally confirmed the news herself.

Maxim campaign or not, you don’t get cast on The Single Life if you’re still married.

With that in mind, fans viewed that entire scene between Natalie and Mike through a lens of doubt.

Did they fake all of that, and this whole season, despite being broken up?

Fans took to social media after the episode to raise their doubts, saying that the whole scene was planned and staged.

Some theorized that Natalie was already living in Seattle away from Mike when this was shot.

Others mocked the idea that Natalie would ever surprise Mike with sushi and champagne unless it were planned.

It is certainly true that Natalie reportedly moved out. It’s safe to say that they are over.

But … while we don’t know the precise timeline for that, their split may have been as recent as January.

The scene that was filmed was for Mike’s birthday dinner, six months after the two of them were married.

Mike and Natalie were married in the middle of April, 2020.

Since their season of Happily Ever After? began about six months later, that means the second half of October.

Combined with knowing that Mike is a Scorpio (astrology is actually useful for once) and this dinner was in late October or early November.

That is all common sense, as the two of them were making Thanksgiving plans.

So no, they weren’t secretly broken up for this, because that breakup came weeks or months later.

There is a decent chance (fans hope) that we may see exactly what ended their marriage on this season.

Some argued that the dinner seemed staged or even “scripted,” but was it?

Well, 90 Day Fiance does not use scripts for its scenes, so it wasn’t scripted.

And while it — or anything else — could be fake, there’s no reason to think that it had to be.

Natalie’s quiet outburst, bringing up the tiddy pics that Mike has allegedly received, was totally in-character.

That’s how we saw her speak to him when a simple disagreement about how to prepare food turned into a fight.

As viewers may recall, he wanted to stir-fry, and she went for the jugular with a line muttered under her breath.

That also fits exactly with Mike’s friend Sarah’s description of her first “meeting” with Natalie.

The two exchanged niceties followed by Natalie asking: “Are all American women whores or just you?”

Natalie has claimed that she did not say this, but … Sarah seems very believable.

So it’s true that anything at any given time or place could be faked or scripted.

Hell, the unhoused people having an argument outside your apartment window could just be practicing for an improv class.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s reasonable to assume so without any evidence along those lines.

What we saw was much more likely a sincere exchange between a toxic, miserable married couple.

They should not be married, which is something that they eventually realized.

But just because the rest of us have known it the entire time doesn’t mean that it didn’t take Mike and Natalie a long time to figure out.

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