Mrs Hinch says she’s had to call the police after receiving threats from cruel trolls

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Mrs Hinch has candidly opened up about her struggles with mental health after being targeted by cruel trolls, which she has had to call the police over.

The 30 year old Instagram star revealed she visited the doctors for her mental health last year.

She said: “It was terrifying; it’s a big step telling someone you need help. But my stomach was in knots morning and night and I knew I wasn’t OK. It had got to the stage that my family were worried. Something had to change.”

Mrs Hinch, AKA Sophie Hinchliffe, gave birth to adorable baby son Ronnie last year and her husband Jamie has taken a career break to support her.

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But, aside from her sparkling fresh home and stunning family, Sophie revealed trolls still find something to pick on her for.

She told Daily Mail’s You Magazine: “They message saying, ‘Your baby should be moving more, he should have more teeth.’ They’re even horrible about my dog! It turns my gut and takes my breath away; it makes me want to scream and cry.

“I know I should ignore them, but when you get told the same thing over and over again – ‘Your voice is horrendous’, ‘Your face is wonky’, ‘Your hands are disgusting’ – there’s only so many times you can ignore it without wondering if it’s true.

“So I look at my hands and think, ‘Maybe people don’t want to see them,’ and put on rubber gloves when I don’t need to.”

Sophie has also received threatening messages, meaning that the police have had to get involved at times.

She explained: “That’s so I feel safe.”

The attacks on Sophie have even lead to her having panic attacks, one of which happened at Christmas after trolls sent her vile messages in response to her wrapping her son Ronnie’s presents.

She said: “I was hysterical, struggling to breathe – it felt like I was dying. Everything was whizzing past at 1,000 miles an hour.”

Now, Mrs Hinch is finding ways to help cope with the anxiety.

She said: “I make sure to do my gratitude check-ins a lot. I remind myself of the amazing things to set me back on the right track.”

But, there are times when she misses her old life as a hairdresser.

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Sophie admitted: “Now everything I do gets put under a microscope and is open to scrutiny. It’s overwhelming. I’m a normal person, who was leading a boring life which I loved.

“A friend who lives a similar life to me said as much as you love the opportunities your new life brings, you can’t help but feel sad about the life you’ve left behind.

“Even if I was to come away from Instagram tomorrow, I’d never get my old life back and that can feel like a grieving process.”

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