Myleene Klass jokes she’ll end up with a fourth baby after being locked up in isolation with boyfriend Simon Motson

Myleene Klass has joked she could end up with a fourth child after self-isolating with her boyfriend Simon Motson.

The 41 year old had previously vowed to not have anymore children after the birth of her third child, but now says baby number four could well be on the way.

But if a baby doesn't happen, she also said that her time in quarantine with Simon, 46, could end up in them splitting.

During her time in isolation, Myleene is just one of the famous faces giving free learning resources to children, offering piano lessons twice a week on YouTube.

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Former Hear'Say singer Myleene has been dating PR executive Simon for four years, and they welcomed a son named Apollo seven months ago.

Myleene shares daughters Ava, 12, and Hero, nine, with her ex-husband Graham Quinn, while Simon also has two children from a previous relationship.

She quipped: "There's either going to be a divorce boom or a baby boom — and I've got a good midwife and lawyers for either."

However, Myleene admitted she's still not at her goal weight after welcoming Apollo last August.

She continued: "I've still got two stone to go. I don't know if the lock-in is going to help that. We'll just do the best we can.

"I go about my daily life, but you don't realise… I found out that ironing burns a lot of calories and playing the piano, it's like being an athlete.

"That's what I say to myself anyway. I have a Chocolate Orange before I play then I try and play it off."

Opening up about the changes to her body she has noticed since giving birth to her newborn, she said: "My body feels different, there's no doubt about it.

"But I'm not trying to race my body back to anything. Apollo feeds all the time. He's never, ever full.

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"When I'm expressing milk and Simon messages me going, 'Make sure you express another eight ounces', I'm like, 'Where am I going to squeeze that out of?'.

"I put on five stone when I was pregnant, which is the most I've ever put on, but apparently you put on more with every baby. I put on five but I've lost three.

"I'm not getting on the scales though, I'm just going by my clothes, otherwise it's not healthy for my girls to see. It is amazing to think I put on five stone with one baby, because I'm only 5ft 6in," she continued to tell The Sun.

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