Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou: Reuniting at Last in 2020?!

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou's relationship has endured reality television, plenty of family drama, legal obstacles, and the test of time.

Some longtime fans are rooting for them to make this the year that they turn their long-distance relationship into a marriage.

Meanwhile, naysayers are wanting to see Nicole cut ties and move on.

Either way, these next dozen months could see a huge milestone in this (now former) 90 Day Fiance couple's story.

Could 2020 be their year?

1.Nicole and Azan

2.First, a quick reminder

3.Besides …

4.So what has Nicole been up to?

5.May is in school, now!

6.Then there's work

7.On a more personal level …

8.So, what's that about a visa?

9.That was their plan, too

10.So what's their new plan?:

11.And the second …

12.Finally, their family could be together

13.So that's the plan?

14.So … what's holding them back?

15.First, the obvious

16.And Nicole's family has concerns

17.She's also had her own worries

18.And fans aren't likely to fund her marital voyage

19.And then there are some unfortunate throwbacks

20.And then there was what appeared to be an ultimatum

21.We get it, Azan is a fitness expert

22.Don't get us wrong …

23.They've made this work for years

24.Nicole is unbothered

25.She's living her life

26.And her body transformation journey continues

27.So, what does 2020 hold for Nicole?

28.And yet …

29.She's excited to see Azan again

30.A little patience is key

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