Ollie Williams’ sister called ‘Tory c***’ amid brother’s trophy hunting scandal

Ollie Williams' sister has been trolled on social media during her brother's brief appearance on Love Island.

The aristocrat's younger sibling Eloise Williams shared some of the abuse she has been sent online in light of her 23-year-old brother's trophy hunting scandal.

Student Eloise took to her Instagram stories on Tuesday night to tell that she had received a number of 'vile threats' and decided to post the 'hateful comments' to her stories to 'out keyboard warriors.'

She wrote on the first post: "I’m honestly shocked I have to write this but anyone watching that show knows the effects online abuse can have on individuals but not just them, their families too.

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"The amount of vile threats/comments I alone have received is not ok.

"I’m fed up of watching the same people preach about mental health and male suicides rising to then use their accounts to write hateful comments about sometimes image. Please think about who your words could be affecting next time!!"

She then shared a screen shot of a message from a troll that read: “Lol good cos you’re a stupid Tory c**t.”

On top of the message, Eloise penned: “Right seeing as it hasn’t stopped: anyone who send abuse to me now shall be uploaded for all the world to see, let’s see if you continue when you know your friends could see it. (Apologies for language and any offence to my friend/family) but it’s one way to out a keyboard warrior."

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It comes after Cornwall native Ollie broke his silence to explain the real reason he left the villa.

Viewers had been calling for Ollie to be booted out by producers amid accusations he's involved in trophy hunting after shocking pictures surfaced of him posed alongside dead animals.

Despite growing calls for him to leave, in his first statement since leaving the villa, Ollie insisted he had decided to walk due to personal issues.

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The aristocrat said he realised he was in love with somebody else and it 'wouldn't be fair' to waste anyone's time if he was to stay on the ITV2 dating show.

In his first statement since quitting, Ollie said: "I have to be honest with myself, and everyone, that I do still love someone else… I have to follow my heart in this scenario and it would be wrong for me to ignore these feelings.

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"At the end of the day, this is Love Island and it’s about finding love. If I carried on anything with Paige, or any other girl that might come into the villa, it wouldn’t be fair on them."

A Love Island spokesperson confirmed it was Ollie's decision to leave.

Despite series six being only two episodes in, there had been concerns that Ollie would become the most complained about contestant ever.

Just two episodes into the first ever winter edition and close to 500 viewers took to Ofcom to complain to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom about the wealthy landowner's game hunting past.

People were upset when pictures emerged online of Ollie proudly posing with dead animals, despite him calling himself an animal lover.

Ollie is the son and heir of Andrew Williams, Viscount Clifden, the Lord of the Manor of the Lanhydrock Estate, in Cornwall.

But the Viscount recently turned down the chance to defend his son.

When asked if he wanted to say anything in his son's defence, he told the Daily Star : "This is Oliver's journey and we won't be commenting."

His three day stint in the villa makes Ollie the fastest contestant to quit Love Island since it began in 2015.

Last year Sherif Lanre agreed to leave after nine days for playfighting with Molly Mae Hague.

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