Olly Murs: The Voice star pleads with fans after online scam ‘That money is needed’

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Olly Murs, 35, took to his Instagram page to warn his 3.3 million followers of scammers, who were using his name to hoodwink fans and charities online.The My Heart Skips A Beat hitmaker was visibly concerned as he spoke to his fans directly to express his  “upset” and “anger” over the findings.

I am angry

Olly Murs

Olly looked sun-kissed in a fuchsia colour T-shirt paired with bleach blonde locks as he addressed the camera.

He said earnestly: “Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely day. 

“I am angry, I’m really really upset, I’ve just found out that some charities and that some fans have been scammed by fake accounts. 

“I’m absolutely fuming, please if you see anyone message you using my name, with a 5378 or OllyMurs2522, whatever it is,…it’s not me, ok, my accounts on all social media are verified, that is the only account that I have, that I’m me.”

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So angry.. ������������ Please remember my social media accounts are Verified for a reason to stop these issues / problems. Please BLOCK / IGNORE or report any FAKE accounts pretending to be me in the future ������������������������ Stay safe x

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The singer urged his fanbase to “ignore” any messages that came from accounts not run by him.

Olly continued: “Please ignore any other messages from anyone, I’m really really upset for the charities, I know right now with everything that’s happening, that money is needed. 

“So I’m going to donate to them guys for what’s happened, I’m just really really gutted for all you guys that thought it was me, please it’s not. 

“Ok ignore the fake accounts, stay safe online,” he added.

Previously, Olly, had posted a video detailing how he had been struggling to cope with the hot summer nights.

The Voice star showed himself dripping with sweat as he threw his bedsheets to the floor and draped himself over a fan.

He also recently welcomed a new addition to the family in the form of a fluffy puppy called Missy.

The 35-year-old filmed himself being nibbled on the ear by the adorable pup.

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The singer has revealed he is ready to get back in the studio and begin working on new music.

His most recent album was 2018’s ‘You Know I Know’  and is  hoping to release new music next year.

Olly took a break this year after spending some time recovering from a 2019 knee operation.

Speaking on an Instagram Live chat, he explained: “In lockdown I’ve missed music a lot. I needed this break because I was exhausted and needed rehab for my knee.

“I’ve really connected back to my music in lockdown. 

“I’ve been watching and listening to a lot of stuff, going over old demos and listening to songs I’ve done, reflecting on my career and music and loving it.

“I’m really buzzing to do more music.

“I’m hoping over the next year or so there will be new tunes.”

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