'Outer Banks' Star Chase Stokes Parties After Madelyn Cline Breakup

“Outer Banks” star Chase Stokes seems to have moved on from Madelyn Cline … because he was partying it up with some buds Thursday night and clearly feeling no pain.

Chase was at the Robinson Cafe & Cocktail Lounge in Orlando, Florida. The video was shot around 11:30 PM. Chase and 2 pals ordered a bottle of 1942 Don Julio tequila — always a good choice — and a line of women were coming up to him for … a chat?

Zack Bia Madelyn Cline

Chase seemed happy dancing by himself … at least in the video we got.

As for Madelyn … well, looks like she’s put Chase in her rearview. She and DJ Zack Bia have been hanging out recently. They were together last Sunday for a dinner in Santa Monica, and earlier in the month Madelyn and Zack — who once dated Madison Beer — were together for Madelyn’s 24th birthday party. They also hit up a Lakers game.

Madelyn Cline Chase Stokes

As for Chase and Madelyn … they started dating back in April 2020, after appearing together on “Outer Banks.” They took a page from the script … the 2 were romantically linked in the show.

There were rumors they got back together after hanging out over Thanksgiving, but that was then … looks like both have moved on.

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