Pete Davidson Drives Kim Kardashian's Car to Jewelry Store

Pete Davidson is in the driver’s seat when it comes to his relationship with Kim Kardashian — or at least he was Tuesday — when he was cruising around in her car, and doing some jewelry shopping in the process.

Here’s PD making a quick stop in Bev Hills at a place called XIV Karats, which sells fine jewelry. Doesn’t look like he went inside the shop, but he definitely had some goodies delivered to him outside the place.

While he was waiting, Pete had a smoke … pulling down his mask while the jewels were getting prepared, even chatting it up with somebody outside. Oh, and like we mentioned … the guy’s out there in Kim’s signature Rolls-Royce.

Earlier in the day, we saw Kim and Pete grab breakfast together at the Beverly Hills Hotel — and it looks like they stayed in the neighborhood through the afternoon.

Ya gotta wonder if this was Pete buying stuff on his own, or if he was sent out on an errand. In any case, Kim clearly trusts him enough to take her whip out for a spin … all on his own too.

Yeezus take the wheel.

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