Peter Andre and wife Emily Andrea split fans by sending kids back to school

Superstar singer Peter Andre, 47, and his doctor wife Emily Andrea, 30, are at loggerheads over whether to send their kids back to school.

Despite the Mysterious Girl singer being against it, he has agreed to let the children return because Emily says so, however, their fans are split on whether it's the right time.

On Monday, six year old Amelia and three year old Theo will go back into education as lockdown eases.

Peter, who is also father to Junior and Princess from his marriage to Katie Price, said that the only reason he has agreed with Emily is because of her medical background.

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Speaking to The Sun, he said: “We very rarely have opposite views – but I don’t think they should go back tomorrow and Emily thinks they should.

"The only reason I’m going with what Emily says is because she’s a doctor. If it was up to me I’d say no."

While some fans think it's the right thing to do, others disagree. One person tweeted: "

“No I don’t think it is safe yet for school. Science say it is not safe and England are running ahead too quickly I’m grateful I live in Wales Health before Wealth. Our schools here mind are doi BF a fantastic job with online work and I’m fortunate to be working from home”.

A second agreed writing: “If you have some at home and some that are allowed to return I would still say no! Not until all children in the household can return at the same time.”

Meanwhile, a few people agreed with Emily with a person stating: “Happy to let my son go back to school as an only child my son has missed his pals really badly . Each to there own the virus isn’t going anywhere we need to start getting back to normal”.

Another wrote: “She works in a hospital so she knows better than us”.

Emily's decision goes against that of Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, who thinks it is too soon for schools to reopen.

She said: “Government should be bound to protect all of us during this frightening and difficult time. Yet the announcement today about England pressing ahead with wider school opening flies in the face of this duty. We are not saying only go back when it is 100% safe. Nothing ever is. But we are saying meet your own tests, produce sound scientific evidence, and return when the time is right to ensure the virus can be contained as much as possible.

“Heads, teachers, support staff and school staff have all been working through this challenging time. Schools have been open and contact has been maintained with families and the children they teach. They have done so to support vulnerable children and children of key workers while their parents and carers keep the country going. This has been done bravely and willingly.

“School staff have many questions which should be answered. Why, when the rest of the country is still required to observe social distancing, is it safe for schools not to? Fifteen pupils to a class makes social distancing an impossibility in our small classrooms and in particular with very young children who will not understand the concept. Denmark, who the Government quite rightly praise for their approach to wider school opening has a limit of five children when outside and three when inside.

She added: “Today’s final report from Independent SAGE again casts grave doubt over the Prime Minister’s decision to press ahead with a June 1 wider opening of schools. Independent SAGE said ‘this decision threatens not just the health of school communities but also of wider society’. We fail to understand why the Government would take such risks.

“Time and again we have had to ask for the scientific thinking behind wider school opening. Time and again we have not had the answers.

"The Government's Covid-19 strategy has drifted steadily from dither to disaster. Revelations in recent days have severely damaged public trust, and it is not only troubling but deeply insulting and dangerous to see schools being used as a distraction."

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