Peter Andre slams BRITs categories decision: ‘Artists will have to work twice as hard’

Peter Andre has slammed the BRIT Awards for deciding to axe the Best Male and Best Female categories in favour of a singular Best Artist prize.

Writing in his weekly new! column, singer Pete admits he think the change will now mean artists will have to comete "twice as hard". Here, he also discusses his son Theo's 5th birthday and the Government's latest Covid advice for the festive season. Sign up – for free! – to see what he has to say.

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Two Become One At The BRITs

The BRIT Awards have announced that they are getting rid of the male and female categories for the 2022 ceremony.

There will now just be a Best Artist category after criticism from artists such as Sam Smith, who identifies as non-binary.

I understand we have to move with the times and that there are people who don’t identify as male or female, and it’s understandable that change has and should always come.

However, this may now mean that half the amount of people will be winning awards and there won’t be as much recognition for artists.

It feels like artists will have to compete twice as hard.

I heard someone mention the other day that in 2014, both Ellie Goulding and David Bowie won awards for Best Female and Male in their respective categories, but if this new rule had been applied only one of them would have won and she said Ellie wouldn’t have been able to compete with David.

Why can’t we just introduce a new category rather than take one away and keep male and female awards for those who identify so? That way we could really celebrate all categories.


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Little Theo Turns Five

We had a great time for Theo’s fifth birthday. He’s so sweet and such a cute kid. I had the mammoth task of putting together a Thomas the Tank Engine train set I bought him and it took me most of the day.

But I’m sure I have one piece missing as the train keeps stalling at a certain point and I’m getting so frustrated!

I thought I was going to have to miss his birthday party as I was supposed to have a gig on Saturday night, but the gig got cancelled which meant I was able to be with the family which was great. I hate missing out on important things with them!

Something I was sad to miss last week was the Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball. I usually host the evening but as I had a show for Grease I wasn’t able to make it, but Emily was thankfully there representing.

I was also gutted to miss it because I would have been introducing Boy George onto the stage and listening to all of my favourite songs!

As an ambassador for Caudwell Children I’m so proud of the charity and everything it’s achieved.

Lateral No

The Government has advised people to take a lateral flow test before visiting busy places over Christmas.

I do a lateral flow before every show I do with Grease so it’s completely normal to me, but I think to expect people to suddenly start doing them every time they go somewhere busy is tough.

The reality is most people probably won’t. I don’t think masks in crowded spaces should have been abandoned, but at the same time, I understand people want their freedoms. It’s a tricky one.

The problem is that the constant U-turns from the Government are becoming highly confusing. Yes, of course I am proud of the UK for being forerunners in medicines regarding the pandemic, but we are also making mistakes.

We need concise and clear rules that don’t change at the drop of a hat.

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