Piers Morgan received an apology text from Cristiano Ronaldo after sending desperate plea

Cristiano Ronaldo scores double on second debut in pictures

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Piers Morgan, 56, revealed his footballing hero Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, sent him an jokey apology after he scored twice for Manchester United when they played Arsenal on 2 December. Piers has long been a loyal supporter of the latter and was quaking in his boots when they came up against Ronaldo’s club, when he made his big return in August after 12 years.

I would have accepted the apology if it hadn’t also contained a laughing emoji

Piers Morgan

He scored United’s second and third goals in a thriller of a match at Old Trafford.

In his recent column for the Mail Online, Piers revealed he had begged the striker not to score.

He recalled the message he had sent, penning: “Arsenal played Manchester United tonight and I sent Cristiano Ronaldo a desperate plea before kick-off: ‘Please don’t score against us…’

“Of course, he scored twice, and United won 3-2,” he sighed before remembering the Portuguese superstar’s mock apology.

“‘Sorry,’ Cristiano texted back after the final whistle.”

Piers was less than impressed as he added: “I would have accepted the apology if it hadn’t also contained a laughing emoji.”

The pair have struck up an unlikely friendship over the past few years, resulting in his infamous tell-all interview with the footballer in 2019.

Piers revealed in a previous Daily Mail column, how they became firm pals.

He wrote: “Our relationship began in the most random of ways when he sent me a direct message via Instagram three years ago, saying: ‘Hello sir, how are you? I saw your murder documentary on Netflix. I find it fascinating to see you interview these murderers.’

“Once I’d got over the shock of one of my all-time sporting heroes contacting me out of the blue, I rapidly pulled myself together and put on my professional game-face.

“‘I’d find it fascinating to interview YOU one day…’ I suggested, putting out my fishing rod.

“‘I haven’t killed anyone!’ he replied.”

And his ballsy request paid off, as he later interviewed Ronaldo for the hit ITV special, where he told the broadcaster that he has “good abdominals”, something Piers will take to the grave.

The clip, which he has pinned to his Twitter page, has been viewed more than 32million times.

He is also one of 57 people Ronaldo follows on the social media platform, with the former Real Madrid ace boasting 94.1million followers in return.

Piers also revealed that the two speak on the phone every now and again.

“The real Ronaldo is warm, self-deprecating, generous, grounded and hugely liked by almost everyone who’s ever worked with him or met him,” he explained.

“Since meeting Ronaldo in late 2019, we’ve become unlikely mates.

“We speak on the phone from time to time and chat frequently on WhatsApp about everything from football and fast cars to yachts, coronavirus and fatherhood.

“I’ve met and interviewed a lot of sporting legends in my 30 years as a journalist and broadcaster.”

He added of their bromance: “No one has impressed me as much as Ronaldo, on and off the pitch.”

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