President Biden Cracks Jokes at White House Correspondents' Dinner

7:50 PM PT — Trevor Noah followed Joe Biden, and his monologue went scorched earth on just about everyone … from CNN to FOX News, Joe Biden and Jen Psaki and everyone in between.

In his usual fashion, TN masterfully roasted just about everyone in the news biz — without being too mean or going too over the line. The guy is certainly a professional in his craft, and it showed tonight. Here’s just a taste of Trevor’s awesome jokes and delivery … well done!

President Biden busted out his comedy chops during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner — and his jokes were kinda hit or miss … but he took his shots regardless.

JB was on hand Saturday at the Washing Hilton in D.C. — the first time the dinner’s been held since 2019, and the first a POTUS was at since longer — and after a lengthy introduction full of awards and guest speakers … Joe took to the podium to deliver remarks.

Right off the bat, Joe made some wise cracks about the press … but also about himself, starting out by saying he appreciated all 42% of the people who clapped for him — a wink to his recent approval rating.

He then said this about Donald Trump … “We had a horrible plague, followed by two years of COVID,” which got a big laugh from the room. From there, Joe’s reception was up and down — he made some viewership jokes about MSNBC, and then went after FOX News.

He noted that even though FOX News might sound anti-vaxx at times … he assured everyone, your fave FOX journalists are vaccinated to be here tonight. Another line that was interesting … Joe acknowledging the “Let’s go Brandon” joke, sort of embracing it.

He ended with a more serious note … saying America is “not a reality show,” and that too got a major reaction. All in all, not too shabby from Joe — a mixed bag, but mostly positive.

Originally Published — 7:33 PM PT

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