Quavo’s Sharp Tongue Allegedly to Be Blamed for Argument That Led to Takeoff Murder

Comedian Shawty Shawty claims he has spoken with the two rappers’ cousins, who shared alleged details of the altercation at a Houston bowling alley where Takeoff was shot to death.

AceShowbiz -Is Quavo partly to be blamed for Takeoff murder? New details of the altercation that led to the fatal shooting of the youngest Migos member have emerged, revealing Quavo’s alleged part in causing the argument at a Houston bowling alley on November 1, 2022.

In a new interview, comedian Shawty Shawty claimed he has spoken with the two rappers’ cousins and received details regarding what led to the shooting. He said Quavo was upset because he suspected that the dice was not right and he decided to confront the host about it.

“Quavo dominates in a whole lot of things, basketball, all of this,” Shawty said on the “Ugly Money” podcast. “So, they say they had been shooting basketball earlier, and then they got to the bowling alley, and they said there was a dice game. And they say that Quavo noticed that the dice were not right, and that’s where the argument started.”

Insinuating that Quavo’s brash approach to the situation was wrong, the comedian continued, “Quavo-Everybody know Quavo got a mouth. Everybody know Quavo talked junk. I don’t think that was the atmosphere to talk s**t. You got to respect.”

Shawty went on saying that Takeoff and Quavo shouldn’t have been gambling at the first place. “When you make it to a certain point-God took you past that point so you don’t fall backwards,” he reasoned. He added that even he doesn’t do shows in “certain hoods” because he doesn’t want “the same hod that I got out of, snatch me back.”

Takeoff was shot and killed at 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, Texas. Police believed he was an innocent bystander during the altercation that broke at the bowling alley. Patrick Xavier Clark, who is accused of fatally shooting the 28-year-old star, was arrested and charged with murder on December 1. On January 4, he was released on a $1 million bond.

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