Ree Drummond Worried About Staining Her Shimmery Shirt While Cooking on 'The Pioneer Woman' and Fans Had the Perfect Solution

Ree Drummond somehow manages to avoid splatters and stains on her clothing on The Pioneer Woman show. It’s surprising to many, given that she often wears flowing sleeves but she never seems to have an issue. When Drummond worried about staining a shimmery shirt while cooking, many of her fans offered up the same suggestion.

Ree Drummond made elegant recipes but worried about her shirt

Ree Drummond took things up a notch in her kitchen, focusing on elegant recipes during an episode of The Pioneer Woman. While she was cooking, however, she feared that her shimmery shirt wouldn’t survive the kitchen session without a stain.

She started by making crab cakes and had a surprising confession. After combining a number of ingredients, she squeezed Dijon mustard into the bowl. “This is a good time for me to tell you that I wore a shimmery shirt because I’m making elegant, easy recipes,,” she explained. “But I am really hoping I don’t splash food on it because this is one of those shirts that shows every drop of, like, chaos that you throw at yourself.”

Drummond pointed out that she was being a little more delicate than usual with her cooking process. “Do you notice how careful I’m being since I’m wearing a shimmery shirt?” she said.

The Pioneer Woman star’s son-in-law Mauricio was quick to prank her by telling her there was something on her shirt. “Oh, Mauricio! Don’t fill me with self-doubt this early in the day,” she said.

Ree Drummond’s fans had an easy solution for her shirt worries

On Jan. 28, Drummond posted a clip from the show on Instagram and explained her shirt worries.

“Saturday morning, a new episode of The Pioneer Woman airs on Food Network!” she noted in the caption. “The kids shot it, I made easy/elegant eats, and I wore a ssshhhimmery ssshhhirt, which I spent the whole show trying to protect from the inevitable splashes and stains and other chaos.”

Drummond added, “Swipe forward to see the dessert I share on the show! My ssshhhimmery ssshhhirty doesn’t stand a chance…”

Many of her fans had the same idea about how Drummond can avoid future anxiety about spilling on her beautiful wardrobe. “Why don’t you wear an apron? A whole line of Pioneer Woman aprons!” one fan wrote. Another commented, “I always wonder how you cook without an apron. I am a hot mess cook.”

Others agreed, with comments like, “I think it’s so weird that you don’t wear aprons!,” “Aprons can be a good way to avoid ruining nice clothes,” “Apron please … it’s making me nervous to watch,” and “Apron! Protect those pretty clothes.”

Some fans noted that it’s usually Drummond’s sleeves that worry them while she’s cooking. “Most of the time I’m worrying about your sleeves getting into things. This is a whole new challenge!” one fan wrote.

Another follower commented, “I always wonder how you keep your flowy sleeves out of the food and now the sssshimmerry shirt? You’re amazing!”

One fan said it was a little tense watching Drummond in action. “I was stressing out about your pretty shirt the whole time,” they shared.

Fans shared their thoughts on Drummond’s kids filming the shows

The conversation wasn’t all about Drummond’s shirt, however. Some fans weighed in with their thoughts about The Pioneer Woman star’s family being involved in filming the shows.

“I love your kids being involved in production … makes me feel like I’m at home with you, especially when they interact so much,” one fan commented. “I’ll miss them a lot when you go back to normal production.”

Another fan shared the opposite opinion. “I like your shows without the kids. Sorry. You’re just more professional and educational,” they wrote.

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