Rihanna Apologizes to Muslim Community for ‘Careless Mistake’ During Savage x Fenty Show

Rihanna is issuing an apology.

During her Savage x Fenty show that streamed this past weekend on Amazon Prime Video, the song “Doom” by London-based producer Coucou Chloe was featured. The song features a remix of a hadith narration.

According to CNN, “The hadith, a written record of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Mohammed and his closest companions, is considered extremely sacred to Muslims, and come secondary only to the Quran in terms of textual authority.”

Rihanna took to her Instagram Story to issue an apology to the Muslim community.

“I would more importantly like to apologize to you for this honest, yet careless mistake. We understand that we have hurt many of our Muslin brothers and sisters, and I’m incredibly disheartened by this,” Rihanna posted on her Story.

Read her entire apology…

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