Rihanna wore another fabulous belly baring outfit to the Fenty Beauty Ulta launch


Since Rihanna announced her pregnancy in her own very Rihanna way, she has set the maternity-wear market on its ear. She has had a parade of sexy, bump-baring looks from city streets to red carpets. The photos above is from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Ulta Launch in Los Angeles over the weekend. She wore a stretchy, silver, long-sleeved crisscrossed crop top and a long sparkly straight skirt. She accessorized with a diamond belly chain, earrings, rings and chunky bangles. Plus, some silver eyeliner to tie it all together. I love it. There’s something about the belly chain that’s not sitting well with me, though. I love the idea of it. I think if it had been a uniformed pattern of jewels all around, it would have been great. But since it has front detail, it feels like it should drape more. But then it would conflict with the skirt. That’s my only quibble, though. The rest of her styling is great. And, of course, Rihanna works the whole thing:

Page Six did a nice break down of Rihanna’s maternity looks and her approach. They included some quotes from her Refinery29 interview in which she said she wanted to buck the idea that women should hide their pregnancy and, “hide your sexy, and that you’re not sexy right now [but] you’ll get back there.” I never thought of it but that is kind of the message, isn’t it? Now I love how Rihanna’s reinterpretation of the Mod Mama even more. Because it’s true, pregnant women don’t stop feeling sexy, not all of them. But it was hard finding clothes that made me feel sexy. And I think Rihanna’s right, all messaging is really about hiding yourself until you get back to a non-pregnant version of yourself. Screw that.

Looking at Rihanna’s bump and thinking about this approach to maternity style, it makes me think of people deciding to shave their heads. The success of baldness tends to rely on the shape of the head, which we don’t know until the hair is gone. Baby bumps can be a little mysterious too, like will they be pert and round or oval and vertical? Or oval and horizontal? Do they ride high or low? I dressed my bumps differently because they were shaped differently (don’t tell my son, but my daughter made for a cuter bump.) I hope maternity wear people are taking note of Rihanna’s approach and people’s reaction to it. Holly Robison Peete had a really cute maternity line, but she’s discontinued it. I still wear one of her sweaters. Maybe Rihanna will do a maternity line next. Or even just maternity jewelry with a matching makeup line.



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