Robin Givens Speaks About That Brad Pitt Rumor & the Size of Howard Stern’s Manhood on ‘WWHL’

Robin Givens, who is known for her work on the ABC sitcom Head of the Class, dished some details about her ex boyfriend Howard Stern‘s manhood, as well as one rumor about her and Brad Pitt.

Howard Stern was a magnificent lover,” Robin said of her ex on Watch What Happens Live! on Sunday (June 9). “Like, unbelievable.”

“Was it really small, though?” Andy asked. “I mean like, [Stern] and I have talked about this on the air. He says his [manhood] is super, super small. Is that true?”

Robin responded, “No, no. It was all good. It was all really good.”

Then, Robin was asked about some of the claims her ex husband Mike Tyson made in his 2013 memoir, “Undisputed Truth.” Mike said he drove up to her house and saw Robin and Brad in a car together. Robin confirmed that was true, but said Mike never found them in bed together.

If you don’t know, Brad guest-starred on Head of the Class in the 1980s.

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