Roy Jones Jr. Says Jake Paul Can Definitely Beat Tyron Woodley, Here's How …

Roy Jones Jr. — one of the greatest fighters ever — says he believes Jake Paul has a REAL shot to beat Tyron Woodley.

… but only if he fights like Mike Tyson.

Here’s the deal … Jake famously KO’d Nate Robinson on the undercard of Roy’s big comeback fight with “Iron” Mike back in 2020 — so, he knows the kid has real power.

But, Roy’s also very familiar with Tyron’s accomplished MMA career — and knows Woodley has legit striking ability.

So, who’s gonna win? That all depends … here’s Roy’s breakdown.

“Early, Jake is gonna be the issue because Jake can probably punch. I know he can punch — and he’s probably gonna be a little bit bigger [than Tyron].”

“But as the fight goes on, if Woodley gets comfortable, he’s probably gonna take [Jake] out.”

“Woodley definitely has the ring experience … he’ll definitely take him out if it goes long.”

For his part, Jake has predicted a 2nd round KO over Woodley.

Tyron responded to Jake this way … “HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.”

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