Sarah Jessica Parker Calls Out Thief Who Stole Her Halloween Pumpkins

The former ‘Hocus Pocus’ actress announces in a dramatic clip to her social media followers that all of her pumpkins are gone in a so-called ‘Halloween heist of 2019.’

AceShowbizSarah Jessica Parker was devastated to discover her “beautiful” pumpkins had been stolen from the stoop of her New York home.

The actress took to Instagram on Wednesday, October 30 to detail what she jokingly dubbed “the Halloween heist of 2019,” as she revealed tricksters had targeted her neighbouring homes and taken all their Halloween decorations.

“All of our pumpkins were stolen, as were all the other pumpkins on our block,” Parker lamented in the mockingly serious clip. “It is officially the Halloween heist of 2019. My husband stated, ‘Decency is dead.’ But we will salvage the intended carving.”

She defiantly added: “We will find last-minute pumpkins and we will hope this case does not remain cold.”

The 54-year-old explained the pumpkins – which hadn’t yet been carved – were ‘”lugged all the way home” from the Berkshires in Massachusetts to the home she shares with husband Matthew Broderick and their three kids.

When one fan commented on the post, “Who steals pumpkins from THE Sarah Sanderson?!” the actress agreed, responding: “Right? You think they would be intimidated!” – referring to the witch she played in 1993 Halloween classic “Hocus Pocus“.

Another fan referenced the actress’ “Sex and the City” character, asking, “Who steals Carrie Bradshaw’s pumpkins?” Sarah replied, “Who steals anyone’s pumpkins?”

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